A “conference centered town”

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Nuoro is a small city where everything is easily reachable. We, thus, propose to organize the event according to a model of “widespread conference”, a concept of meeting by which it is possible to move from one part of the town center to another in a very short time. The suggested locations for the different conference sessions are the following: » Teatro Eliseo Nuoro (TEN) – The municipal theatre » Camera di Commercio – The trade chambre of Nuoro » Consorzio Universitario Nuorese – The University in Nuoro » Provincia di Nuoro – The province of Nuoro » Servizio Territoriale Nuoro Agenzia FoReSTAS – The seat of the FoReSTAS Agency of the Region of Sardinia » Centro Polifunzionale Comunale, a multi arena center » ExMè (Mercato civico comunale) – The civic food market All the locations are made available by local institutions free of charge. The plenary sessions will be held at Teatro Eliseo (over 400 seat in the auditorium area plus the seats in the loges). Every location, assigned to the parallel sessions, provides at least two comfortable and functional meeting halls and will be chosen according to the exact number of partecipants and the definitive conference organizational plan. The distances between the buildings are about 50-100 m (2-3 minutes walking). In agreement with the Municipality of Nuoro, the conference area will be closed to public traffic during the three days conference and the routes linking the different buildings will be traced with a green carpet on the streets pavements and conference signposting. In this manner, we intend to facilitate the movement of participants from a session to another of the conference but, at the same time, to make them live the town. In this respect, the widespread conference model will be also a means for the research institutions to get closer to citizens and, hopefully, also to make them approach the conference issues. This will be encouraged by proper communication to citizens in the two year organization of the conference, on behalf both of the organizing committees and the local stakeholders.