Location EURAF 2020

All the described features of Sardinia are strongly represented by the territory of the province of Nuoro, the town chosen to host the event. Nuoro, is geographically and culturally central to the Island as well as to the social and economic context linked to the agro-silvo-pastoral systems of Sardinia, and, more in general, of Italy.

The Nuoro area is strategically suitable to host the conference, because it is rich in woodlands, but also in cattle breeds and organic farms. The diversity of environments, landscapes, agri-food systems and traditions make this area unique. Last but not least, it is one of the five blue zones of the planet, that is, one of the five areas of the planet where the population has the highest percentages of centenarians.

This is the best place for discovering, understanding and studying different Mediterranean agroforestry systems, such as the meriagos with cork oak trees, the public managed pastures, the complex landscape mosaics with pastures, forestation sites, vineyards, orchards and olive groves and the windbreak systems based on eucalyptus.
In addition, Nuoro hosts the Forestry School of the University of Sassari.