Nuoro and Province area

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The Province of Nuoro is the heart of Sardinia. It spans between the Nuoro and Goceano areas, in the north, and between Gennargentu and Mandrolisai areas, in the south.
The Province of Nuoro is characterized by massive mountain ranges such as, Gennargentu comprising the Sardinia’s highest mountain, Punta La Marmora (1834m) and Sardinia’s largest national park, “Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu”.

Different territories compose the Province of Nuoro which, behind the wild and, sometimes, harsh landscape, is a generous land full of natural resources and ancient traditions attracting and welcoming visitors and tourists. Each village in this area is a living witness of popular Sardinian culture which can be enjoyed in many high quality agri-food and gastronomy products and renowned artisanal manufacturing.